Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tracking Greater Black-backed Gulls from Sable Island

Here is an open letter from one of our researchers who has been working on a Post-Doctoral study on Sable Island, requesting your help:

Dear gull enthusiasts,

On an icy, wintery trip to Sable Island this month, I was able to capture and deploy wing-tags on a dozen Great Black-backed Gulls that were happily gorging themselves on the carcasses of seal pups that didn't make it. There are far too many Black-backs on the island in the winter for them to be loafers sticking around from the summer breeding season. So...they are likely traveling here from other colonies (Maine? New Brunswick? Newfoundland?) to indulge on the ill fated seals.

Greater Black-backed Gull
This summer while you're in the field, keep your eyes open for these birds so that we might document their movements (tracking the old fashioned way). Please forward this email to colleagues, students, and volunteers that might be working around or in Great Black-backed colonies this summer.

Check out my latest blog entry for details and pictures of these blue/turquoise wing-tags on the birds.


Rob Ronconi
Postdoctoral Researcher
Dept. of Biology, Acadia University

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